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This blog is dedicated to the culture of mind-altering substances and to provide information for safer consumption of these substances. Any questions regarding where to get these substances will not be answered. All pictures originating from this source are of my own.
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BANG - A - RANG (Indianapolis Rager) →


<~{ BANG A RANG }~>

Come celebrate our partnerships merging to provide you with the ULTIMATE PARTY EXPERIENCE!!!!!!

(Ladies free until 11pm then its 1 DOLLA!!!!)



Merry Christmas!

Working on some Christmas trees of my own. c; 

Have some pics up soon.

Stay safe spunions.

Spread Love; Fight Back: Heroin →


Your best friend fights you twice. You make up for it because he’s just withdrawing.

You go to work, only to find out that your sister has OD’d, and you lose your job for leaving early to go see her in the hospital.

You flush the rest of their dope, and end up fighting your best friend again…

Spread Love; Fight Back: So hey! :3 →


My friends and I plan on taking a spiritual mecca to Denver/Colorado Springs/Boulder area, because we’ve come to the assumption that the mid-west is terrible for our culture, we need to move on out there!!!

We’ll probably be living in Denver around Spring 2014. With me, I’ll be with my amazing…

It’s quite a difference when you push to pay bills, not push to buy new shoes. NEED TO PAY RENT. ADKSLNASKAS



Anyone in the mid-west going to Hyperion? It’s gonna be dopeeee. c:

mymannoah asked: you got some good ass molly man, where you from?


Places. And areas. And lands. Made of earth. 

Need Ride To All Good. Halp.


Halp halp halp halp halp help halp halp. 

(Source: spin--doctor)


I haven’t posted shit in awhile. I’ve been dealing with roommate issues, and my electric bill is much more important than me taking hi-def drug pictures, so I haven’t fixed my camera yet. 

I assure you that I still have time to get very stoned though. (Who doesn’t?)

Anonymous asked: btw pure MDMA CAN come in white as well as tan.


I’m not saying it can’t, I’m saying if you want your shit to be as CLOSE to MDMA as possible and NOT closer to methamphetamine on the molecular level, then you want tan, yellowish, or brown. 

In my experiences with drugs, especially MDMA, I have become a drug snob, and it is both a blessing and a curse. I do not do ingest clear MDMA simply because most clear MDMA within America (America only unfortunately) is highly neurotoxic seeing as people are too damn lazy to refine it into a more pure form (so what if you’re losing a few thousand dollars, it costs damn near 15 a gram to make the shit), OR clear MDMA generally ends up being 4-MMC, or BK-MDMA, or some other analog research bullshit. For people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing in the game, this happens a lot, and I feel bad for these people.

I wish people would stop sending me the same damn comment. Here’s how we’ll do this:

You go out, and find someone with some REAL Molly, buy some clear shit, and then find some tan shit, do a quarter gram line of the clear, and then do HALF of that of that tan, and tell me you ain’t rolling with your dick drooping against the floor because you’re too damn high to stand up.


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